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Wilton roof cleaning

Algae, mold, lichen and moss attacked roof shingles on this house. It all affected the the curb appeal of the building and was harmful to the surface of the roof. Refresh roof and exterior cleaning LLC removed all the staining and restored the looks of the house and prolonged the lifetime of the roof material....
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Exterior cleaning done in Ridgefield,CT

We had our crew refresh exteriors of this beautiful house in Ridgefield, CT. Roof, siding, patios and walkways cleaned utilizing SoftWash method. NO pressure washing equipment used to remove all mold, algae, mildew. Very pleased customer....
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Darien roof cleaning

We successfully removed mold, algae, lichen from this roof in Darien, CT. Results of our SoftWashing service will last much longer than conventional power washing service offers!...
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