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Let us give your home the makeover it deserves! Recreate your home or business exterior sparkle and shine that only a professional grade roof washing and exterior cleaning service can provide.

The outside of any home or commercial building is the curb appeal that creates the first impression a business or home makes. Exterior washing is an affordable solution that can add value and pride to anyone’s building.

A non-destructive “power washing” method can only be SoftWashing, because the inherent nature of power washing is destructive!

While most people seek out a “power washing” solution for exterior washing, our SoftWash method is just as powerful and even more effective. SoftWashing is used to clean and disinfect a building’s roof and other exterior surfaces using safe, biodegradable solutions, while killing and safely dissolving unattractive stains caused by building material-eating microorganisms.

Founded and based in Stamford, Connecticut, we here at Refresh Roof and Exterior Cleaning LLC proudly service the roof and exterior cleaning needs of our residential and commercial clients throughout Fairfield County.

Our crewmen are highly trained, skilled and experienced in the specialized field of roof cleaning and exterior SoftWashing. Since that is all we do, you can expect only the best results and value achieving great aesthetics and optimizing the functional life of your building exteriors.

Click to request a free estimate and learn more about how we can provide you with affordable and systematic solutions for your home or business exterior washing needs, extending the life and beauty of any building.

Key Benefits Of Refresh Roof

Why Choose Us

  • Excellent value and customer service.
  • Safe and eco friendly.
  • Deeply rooted in the community.
  • Licensed and properly insured.
  • We use biodegradable products.

One Call For All Exterior Cleaning

  • Roof soft washing.
  • Window cleaning.
  • Wood, vinyl, aluminum, brick exterior washing.
  • Deck, fence, patio and walkway washing.
  • Gutter cleaning, installation and repair.

Softwashing Vs. Powerwashing

  • Gentle, low-pressure washing.
  • Safe for paints, wood and roof shingles.
  • Maintains your warranty on asphalt roof shingles.
  • Removes roots of organisms that cause stains.
  • Results last 4-6 times longer than powerwashing.

Good Stewards

  • We respect the land, air and water surrounding your property.
  • Conserving water as we clean.
  • Limited or no use of fossil fuels.
  • 12-volt and solar-powered equipment.

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