Refresh roof and exterior cleaning LLC is utilizing SoftWash method to clean and sanitize surfaces infested by algae, mildew, fungus, lichen and moss. It is a process in which chemical cleaning agents and disinfectants applied by low-pressure sprayers to remove organic stains from the building surfaces.

Powerwashing or pressure washing do not achieve such results because it does not eliminate root systems of the organisms and spreads its seeds during the process even more! Besides the fact of destructive nature of powerwashing process itself! Why would You expect to clean roof using high pressure without causing premature ageing of the surface?

Shingles manufacturers including ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association) and GAF approves and adheres the technique we use toclean roofs!  Pressure washing or powerwashing roofs only voids warranty on the materials!Softwashing Furniture

We offer safe, long lasting, environmentally friendly roof and exterior cleaning solution as the alternative to powerwashing!

Our technicians are trained and educated on how to work with chemicals, prepare proper concentrations of solution depending on the surface being treated, protect the property and plants and complete the project in a safely manner!

Roof SoftWashing:

Our chemical cleaning solution removes stains and steaks from all types of roofs leaving behind Refreshed and clean surface that does not even often require rinsing!

Whether its Asphalt shingles, cedar shake, barrel tile, metal, EPDM or slate roof…  We clean them all!

Siding cleaning:

Black or green algae on Your wood, cement or vinyl siding…. Gone!Cedar-roof-SoftWashed

From wood or composite decks to stone and concrete patios!

Outdoor furniture and Playground sanitation!

Gutters whitening and cleaning!

Oil stains and rust removal!

The list of services goes on and on…

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